Ascon x3 инструкция

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Class II instrument, real panel mounting. Before proceeding with the instal- lation of this controller, follow the instructions illustrated in this man- ual and, particularly the installation Panel surface precautions marked with the Line Basic Accessories Configur. Only with CT option see page 34 Example: Continued pressing of will display further mnemonics at a rate of one mnemonic every 0. The mnemonic displayed at the time the next parameter is selected, is the one stored in the parameter.

O p A ddr control output address controller handles two different out- value the address range is from 1 to puts, one of these performs the Value of the control output during and must be unique for each con Insert positive value Example with different relative cool On configuration see page 37 it d. At the end of this opera- culation with a reasonable speed tion, the calculated PID terms para- calculation. A ct C on2 tion, set the parameter Action following parameters will be shown AL3 configuration code to By this parameter can be defined: From keypad or serial communication the user selects: Total configurability - the type of input - the associated functions and the corresponding outputs see par.

The warranty above shall not apply for any failure caused by the use of the product not in line with the instructions reported on this manual. Page of 50 Go. Add to my manuals Add. Page 3 Information Please, read carefully these instructions before proceeding with the installation of the controller. Page 6 1 - Installation 1.

Page 7 1 - Installation 1. Page 8 1 - Installation 1.